Owner/CEO of a Cleaning Company? Give Your Business a Mobile App for Free

Owner/CEO of a Cleaning Company? Give Your Business a Mobile App for Free

Owner/CEO of a Cleaning Company? Give Your Business a Mobile App for Free

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As the owner or CEO of a cleaning company, what are your needs? Your fears? Your strengths? In a world where companies like Handy and TaskRabbit threaten to undercut established businesses, how will you compete?

Try giving your business a mobile app!

The MANOR app allows your cleaning service to tap into powerful technology without a lot of overhead. It organizes your jobs and employees and meets your customers where they already are. It saves you time by automating your processes. That means you can focus on growing your cleaning business, both locally, and nationwide.

Here’s what you have to gain by making MANOR the mobile app for your cleaning business:

Digital tools to simplify your operations

While there’s still no app that replaces a mop and pail, there’s a digital tool for just about everything else your cleaning business needs. Maybe you’re still keeping records on paper or constantly switching between a number of digital apps. MANOR gathers all the tools you need into a single app, specifically tailored to the needs of your cleaning business.

Appointment booking directly in the app

Your customers don’t have to call you or send an email to book a cleaning. They can request one right from the app, which means you provide a great customer experience right from the start.

Calendars for quick and easy cleaner scheduling

Scheduling’s so much easier with MANOR. You can maintain cleaner schedules and job calendars, and communicate day and time availability to your customers, all from your phone.

Task tracking for better communication

MANOR tracks tasks in a place where everyone can see and respond to them. Centralizing your task data means you spend less time assigning jobs and communicating details.

Maps to help your cleaners plan their routes

You can keep track of your clients’ addresses right in the app. This takes the guesswork out of route-planning, so your cleaners can move between jobs more efficiently.

Commerce for instant payments

MANOR facilitates the exchanges of funds, securely and easily. You get paid the moment a job is completed — no waiting for deposits and no missed payments.

Streamlined processes to save you time

Once you’re set up with MANOR, you can begin receiving and assigning cleaning tasks immediately. While you focus on the jobs technology can’t replace, MANOR takes care of administrative tasks with powerful efficiency.

Sending and receiving secure payments

We manage payments so you and your employees are paid on time, without cash changing hands.

Communicating with customers

Our in-app messaging provides a professional platform for you and your employees to communicate with customers.

Integrating your personnel

MANOR creates a “virtual headquarters” for all your employees, keeping them connected with you and with customers as they’re out and about on jobs.

Managing orders, personnel, scheduling, and payroll

MANOR streamlines many tasks that might otherwise require more office space or extra employees. That means you can focus on keeping things clean and growing your business.

Expansive networks to grow your business

Joining MANOR means joining a national network of MANOR users. MANOR’s platform promotes the housekeeping companies it serves to its entire customer base. Clients who research cleaning services in your area can see reviews and connect with you personally.

Here are some cleaning opportunities MANOR can connect you with:

Frequent guests or travelers

Customers who operate an AirBnB or who travel a lot for work often need frequent, regular cleaning services. The easier it is for them to find and book your company, the more your business grows.


Families who share condos or beach houses with friends can book you through MANOR to get their houses in shape before they arrive or after they leave, so it’s ready for the next round of guests.

Real estate showings

Realtors want easy ways to prepare houses for sales showings. Why not make it as easy as possible for them to book cleanings with you?

Property management

A property management company can be a cleaning company’s best friend. Make that friendship even sweeter by giving them an easy app to use.

Family assistance

Customers caring for aging parents may need easy, reliable ways to book cleaning services, sometimes from afar. Or maybe they want to give home cleaning as a gift to a child in college or a friend who’s been sick.

Having a mobile app gives your customers and employees just one more reason to choose you. Sign up for MANOR today for free and see what a difference it makes.

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