More Revenue, Less Worry: How to Automate Your Maid Service

More Revenue, Less Worry: How to Automate Your Maid Service

More Revenue, Less Worry: How to Automate Your Maid Service

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Automate your maid service

How many schedules, spreadsheets, and training documents do you currently use to run your cleaning business? Do you find yourself performing the same tasks over and over again?

Automating the repetitive tasks can give you more time to focus on what can’t be automated: Providing beautifully clean spaces for your clients.

Here are 6 areas of your maid service business you can automate immediately.


Scheduling is probably one of your biggest time sucks, especially given how often customers seem to cancel or change appointments. Soak up some of that extra work with technology that receives and schedules orders automatically.

Monitoring miles

Tracking miles is a great way to see where your cleaners are going on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The trouble is that notebooks and clipboards are easily misplaced, and cleaners have to spend time recording (not to mention remembering) their miles traveled.

GPS tracking can follow your cleaners and record their mileage accurately, every time. All they have to worry about is getting from place to place, and you’ll have everything you need for billing.

Tracking time

You know you have to track time accurately for taxes and overtime compliance. But your cleaners are all over town, and recording time in the field can be difficult. A cloud-based app or scheduling tool can help everyone keep track of time more easily and efficiently.

When cleaners aren’t worried about tracking their time, they can focus on providing better service. That means more repeat customers who will refer your business to their friends.

Processing payments

These days, there are too many options for automated payments to ever need to handle cash again. At the very least, you should be using an electronic invoicing system. If you want to avoid the hassle of invoices altogether, try a processing option that collects payment immediately upon completion of a cleaning.

Third-party payment systems give you peace of mind that money is changing hands securely. Knowing there will be fewer awkward conversations about payment is also a great incentive for customers to book your services.

Sharing files

Do you find yourself shuffling training documents, contracts, and invoices all day long? Are you running out of space for your files? File sharing apps like Dropbox or Google Docs keep all that paperwork in a manageable place. Send new employees a PDF training packet, or simply add them to the company folder.

Clients appreciate less paperwork too. When you share electronic contracts and invoices, you can rest assured you’re helping your customers keep control of the clutter in their own lives.

Growing online

Almost 9 in 10 customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Increasing your presence online will allow more people to talk positively about your business. Schedule an email campaign or a Twitter stream to deliver steady reminders to your clients that you’re there to provide the best cleaning services available. When they see you online more consistently, they’ll be more likely to share how much they love your work.

While we can’t make the dust rags dance on their own, we can help you automate your business so you can build revenue and gain peace of mind. Find out how hundreds of local cleaning companies are automating operations with MANOR.

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