6 Tips For Having A Great Morning

6 Tips For Having A Great Morning

6 Tips For Having A Great Morning

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The concept may seem simple, but having a good morning is something that is hard for most people. Whether you’re too tired, you’ve run out of breakfast food, or you’re simply not a “morning person,” we all have our reasons for why the morning can be a stressful time. Luckily, with a little bit of preparation, anyone can have a great morning that leads to a great day.

Here are our top 6 tips for making your morning great.

  1. Get Enough Rest: If this one isn’t obvious enough, getting a good amount of sleep can change your whole day. Different people need different amounts of sleep to feel good, so figure out what your “happy hour” is. Some people can thrive on 7 hours, while others need closer to 9. Teenagers often need closer to 10 hours. Whatever’s keeping you up at night isn’t worth the sleepy head in the morning. Try reading before bed instead of watching television, or slowly dial back your bedtime by small increments. Your morning self will thank you later!
  2. Start With A Good Breakfast: We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but did you know that that’s actually true? Breakfast is proven to help lower cholesterol, assist your metabolism, and give you energy for the day. If you know that your mornings tend to be hurried, find something at the grocery store that you can easily microwave or pop in the toaster for a quick hot meal. Keep a stash of healthy snacks like nuts and protein bars in your bag in case you forget to have breakfast, or if breakfast leaves you still a bit hungry. Your metabolism will thank you later!
  3. Have A Special Morning Drink: Your morning drink doesn’t necessarily have to be plain old coffee. Whether you’re a caffeine freak or you’ve somehow avoided this common addiction, you should treat yourself to something yummy in the morning. You can easily make drinks that are packed with protein, which is especially helpful for those of you who aren’t very hungry in the morning. Try a hot tea, matcha, or treat yourself once a week to a latte from your favorite cafe.
  4. Drink Water: Your body has been sleeping for hours without having water or food introduced to the body. This is normal, as is waking up a bit dehydrated. Start off the day with a full glass of water. This may seem silly, but most headaches are caused by dehydration that could be easily combatted simply by having a glass of water in the morning, and more throughout the day. Pair your glass of water with a delicious morning drink and breakfast snack, and you’ve started your day off right.
  5. Exercise: Whether you have a gym that you frequent, or you have weights or a yoga mat at home, begin the day with some exercise. Depending on your level of fitness, this could be some simple stretching, or a full-blown cardio workout. People who start their day off with exercise tend to have more energy throughout the day, and start the day off in a better mood. Try joining a gym, or watching a quick workout video at home. Many videos out there provide ways to get in a great workout in a small amount of time, so explore different instructors and styles until you find one that you like!
  6. Listen To Music: Listening to your favorite music can boost anyone’s morale. Start off the morning with music that makes you happy. Try something upbeat and positive, or a band that you loved a long time ago that reminds you of good memories. Boosting your mood by getting into the groove will definitely start off your day right.

Do you have any tips to start off the day right? Leave yours in the comments below!

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