5 Hot Tips to Simplify Your Cleaning Invoices

5 Hot Tips to Simplify Your Cleaning Invoices

5 Hot Tips to Simplify Your Cleaning Invoices

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Talking about money can be awkward. The more clearly you communicate about rates and payments, the happier both your clients and your cleaners will be.

Don’t let invoicing paperwork overwhelm you. Have a plan and stick to it. Here are 5 hot tips to help you and your staff keep cool about getting paid.

Communicate up front

Make your practices clear to clients right from the start. Clients should know a few things for sure before you ever set a cleaning caddy on their counter:

  • The work you’re providing
  • What they’re paying for (mileage, supplies, etc.)
  • How long the work will take
  • How they can pay
  • How much time they have to pay
  • How often you’ll send an invoice

As long as you and your clients are the same page, the rest should be smooth sailing.

Use a checklist

Rather than having your cleaners write out what they did by hand, use a checklist organized by room.

List the most common tasks for each room. For example, under “Kitchen,” you’d list things like “Counters cleaned,” “Floors swept and mopped,” and “Stovetop cleaned.” Be sure to have a few blank spaces available so your staff can fill in any extra tasks they perform.

A checklist will also help you make sure your invoices are legible, which will help immensely in the case of any billing disputes.

Protip: A simple invoice depends a lot on how well you can track things like mileage, time, and supplies. If disputes arise, you’ll want to have that information readily available for each job, with rates attached, so there’s little question that your services are well worth what you’re charging.

Stick to a schedule (but stay flexible)

Your clients should know exactly when they’ll receive your invoice, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or at the time of service. That doesn’t always mean you’ll see the money right away. If your business requires immediate payment, that agreement needs to be made before you begin work, and you need to have a plan for how you’ll receive the funds.

A more realistic approach might be to allow up to 15 days for payment or to give your clients an autopay option. Either way, your invoices should go out at the same time, every time. That way, you can easily track when you should be seeing money, and you can send automatic reminders when someone is late.

Invoice electronically

One of the best ways to simplify invoicing is to set up an electronic billing system. Electronic invoices ensure that all the right information is included and filled in, every time.

You can use electronic invoices to brand your business, too, by including a company logo and tagline. Electronic invoices are also easily trackable, so you can see who you’ve sent to, who has paid, and who needs a reminder, without digging through files or stacks of paper.

Accept multiple forms of payment

Finally, your customers aren’t always home when your cleaners arrive. They can leave cash or checks, but, let’s face it, they often forget. The more ways your customers have to pay, the faster you’ll see money in your account.

Consider payment options that don’t require cash to change hands or checks to go to the bank. For example, you could offer different options like automatic bank transfers or PayPal.

Money is never an easy topic to address. But it doesn’t have to be a daily source of frustration. MANOR automatically charges your customers’ credit cards when a job is complete and processes the payments for you. Join now to discover all of the ways MANOR supports your cleaning business.

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